The Sovereign Direct Investment Corporation is a supranational direct investment platform designed to take significant stake holdings in global companies strategic for Europe. SDIC represents a confluence of capital and investment acumen in a globally focused private investment structure. SDIC is positioned to leverage off of its investors to take control positions in companies around the world.

SDIC’s differentiated platform and strategy focuses on providing a unique combination of access to capital, increased investor alignment, strong leadership, and an unparalleled network of influential sovereign investors and ultra-high net worth families.

SDIC was established to take large, controlling positions in leading companies as a significant investor on a global scale
SDIC targets sectors and industries that are ill-suited for traditional private equity due to cyclicality or capital intensity
SDIC structure is designed to allow for longer hold periods, enabling businesses to be developed and exited for maximum investor returns
As a permanent capital vehicle, SDIC is structured to recycle investment proceeds to enhance overall returns while providing for steady dividend payments to shareholders.

Monaco Investment Corporation

The Monaco Investment Corporation (MIC) is a division of The Sovereign Direct Investment Corporation (SDIC) focused on deploying foreign direct investment for initiatives relevant to Monaco. The MIC is an offshore permanent capital vehicle that is not engaged in any regulated financial activities in the principality of Monaco.